Maybe a better way to ask the question is, “When should I engage and or hire a public insurance adjuster? In reality, you have two viable options; hire a public adjuster immediately or wait to review the estimate when your insurance company delivers it.

Please keep in mind, your insurance company is going to give you an estimate based on their inspection, their level of expertise and try to give you a reasonable offer that makes you feel as if you can get through this nightmare with x amount as a settlement.

When hiring a public adjuster, you will pay them a percentage of whatever your insurance company provides as the final claim. In most cases, 10% is a reasonable assumption. Therefore, if your insurance company provides you a claim of $500,000, the public adjuster will receive $50,000. A very good question to ask yourself is, is it worth paying 10%?

Second important question? Is my insurance company motivated to give me what my claim is truly worth or is a public insurance adjuster motivated to. make sure every piece of inventory within the house is part of the claim? This is a simple statement, yet powerful when making this’s worth knowing and understanding.

It is our experience that an insurance company provides solid/viable estimates 25% of the time. That means, 75% of the time, you are accepting less than what is owed to you.

As public insurance adjusters, we get paid when you get paid and the more we ensure you are being properly compensated, the more money we make in return, so a great public adjuster leaves no stone unturned.

In summary, who holds the risk? When hiring a public adjuster, we take on all of the risk, we take on all of the work and we work hard to ensure you are properly compensated. Now, not all public adjusters are created equal, you should look for an organization that has been around for 30+ years, fully licensed, check their references and if they have a law degree…that is an added bonus!

We always welcome questions and look forward to your comments.